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Based in Christchurch we offer commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services.

From design, costing through to construction, development, project management and service

We operate primarily across commercial and Industrial sectors, design and build new works, refurbishments to conducting service & repairs, renovations and insurance work, project management and consultations, along with undertaking large-scale commercial assignments.

Our commitment and guarantee to you is to supply, install and service all equipment to the highest possible standards and because of this Future Air Solutions is always happy to stand behind the quality of our workmanship.


What we specialise in

Design & Build

We are specialist electricians who can design & build commercial systems

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts that ensure your systems are always up to the mark

One-off servicing

One-off servicing for commercial and industrial sectors

Building Warrant of Fitness

Commercial buildings, entertainment and sporting facilities, industrial settings, and educational institutions.

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We aim to please. Our aim for our clients is to make life better and easier for everyone we come into contact with. We actively seek out these opportunities and are prepared to sacrifice, time, resources and comfort to achieve them. Our service defines us.


We do what we say, and say what we mean. We take pride in our work and don’t take shortcuts. We do things the right way. We treat people respectfully.


We promote unity and team work at all times. We always trust those we work with. We expect the best from our team and ourselves. We understand coordinated effort working together as a team in the interests of a common goal.


We seek to find enjoyment in every task. We don’t discredit the little things. We understand that what we do serves a greater vision.


We don’t sweat the small stuff. We accept we all make mistakes and are there ready to show grace to others at all times. The ability to recover quickly from challenges and change is how we define our resilience.


We continuously keep moving the target so that we can keep pursuing through actions of integrity, being a front runner in our field, meeting all obligations and continuously learning and improving in all aspects to pursue the moving target. We aim to be the best and do our best in whatever task we undertake. If we don’t get it right we will persist till we do.


Future Air proved to be competitive. Their technical expertise and diligence in completing their works within programmed time and to budget was appreciated.

Orana Wildlife Park

The quality of the finish achieved was excellent and we have received compliments from the architect and our client for the high standards of workmanship delivered.

Ben Harrow - Armitage Williams

Future Air executed the specified system in accordance with the design documentation and to a high standard of work.

Ian Cumberpatch Architects Ltd

Their design, buildability solution and installation were effective in providing a solution that worked effectively and also for a cost effective price. We are currently looking at other opportunities to repeat this important function with them again.

Higgs Construction

We are accredited dealers, installers and service agents of all major brands

As an accredited installer we can offer the maximum warranty on all major brands of air conditioning and strictly uphold all manufacturers’ guarantees and warranties. Our commitment and guarantee to you is to supply and install all equipment to the highest possible standards.