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Building Warrant of Fitness (IQP) Services

Building Warrant of Fitness (IQP): Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Navigating the complexities of building compliance can be a daunting task. Future Air Solutions simplifies this process by offering Building Warrant of Fitness (IQP) services. Based in Christchurch, we serve various sectors including commercial buildings, entertainment and sporting facilities, industrial settings, and educational institutions.

The Importance of a Building Warrant of Fitness

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is a legal requirement in New Zealand that ensures the safety systems within a building are operating correctly. This is crucial not only for the safety of the occupants but also for compliance with New Zealand building regulations. Failure to comply can result in penalties and may compromise the safety of your building.

What Our BWOF (IQP) Service Includes

Our BWOF (IQP) service is comprehensive and designed to ensure your building meets all the required safety and operational standards. The service includes:

  • Inspection of all specified systems (SS9) within the building
  • Testing and reporting to ensure compliance with New Zealand regulations
  • Issuing a 12A Form upon successful inspection and testing
  • Recommendations for any repairs or upgrades needed for compliance

Why Choose Future Air Solutions for BWOF (IQP)?

  • Expertise: Our Independent Qualified Persons (IQPs) are trained and certified to carry out inspections and issue Building Warrants of Fitness.
  • Quality Assurance: We adhere to the highest standards of workmanship and compliance, ensuring your building meets all legal requirements.
  • Customer Focus: Our commitment to exceptional service means we handle all the details, making the BWOF process as seamless as possible for you.
  • Versatility: Our experience across various industries makes us the go-to choice for all your BWOF needs.
For a Building Warrant of Fitness service that ensures your building’s compliance and safety, contact Future Air Solutions today.

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