Ideal for those looking for energy efficient water heating.

The Altherma R HW domestic hot water heat pump is the best replacement for an electric hot water cylinder. Featuring 85% hydropower for a greener, more energy-efficient approach to heating your domestic hot water supply.


Fresh water principle: The pressureless water tank is an ideal hygienic solution since the domestic hot water circuit is separated from water storage. As a result of the continuous hot water flow in the INOX heat exchanger, there is no corrosion or scale build up.

Installation Process

We follow an easy 4 Step process to installing your air conditioning system in your home. We place great importance on leaving your home in the same or better condition than we found it.

Easy Installation

Pressure-less water tank and limited pressure in the heat exchanger. Low maintenance: no anode means no scale and lime deposits or corrosion. Compact and designed with additional controls for easy installation and maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pump extracts renewable energy from the outside air to produce hot water. Increase energy saving and efficiency by connecting the unit to solar panels.

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